A pair of shoes doesn’t cost that cowhide

A pair of shoes doesn't cost that cowhide

Traders have bought the animal’s skin at the cost of similar water. Even the government-bond price was not paid anywhere. Data from shoemakers and leather traders shows that in the current market, the price of a pair of good quality leather shoes, not even the price of 5 cow leather.

Selling sacrificial animal leather usually means the rights of mosques, madrasas, orphanages and the poor. They are being deprived of a leather syndicate. Although the cost of living and the cost of goods have increased over time, the price of this raw leather has decreased by at least 5 percent in the last decade.

At this time, the sale of sacrificial animal skin was reported for up to 20 rupees at Eid. And a maximum of one thousand rupees of cow skin worth Tk 8 lakh was sold. A seasoned trader in the area said that the price of the leather they collected was about 5 and a half, but the price was being paid by the packers.

Idris, a resident of Khilkhet, said most of the people who gave sacrifices in the area gave their skin to the mosque. No seasonal traders this time. Some wholesalers have syndicated and bought the skin directly. And on the mosque-madrasa skin, they are paying an average price of 1 to 5 rupees. His commentary, a pair of good shoes, not even the price of leather.

This reporter talked to traders and manufacturers about the value of good quality shoes and how many shoes can be made in one leather.

Apex is a popular name for leather shoes in the country. The average price of a pair of good quality leather shoes is four thousand takas.

A pair of leather can be made of two dozen or twenty shoes. Such is the information of SM Mostafizur Rahman Bayazid, proprietor of the shoemaker Viper. But a lot depends on the design and size of the shoe.

Bayezid also mentioned the added cost of making shoes, ‘there is a difference between raw leather and tanned skin. The process of maturing skin costs a great deal. And to make a pair of shoes that don’t just require leather. A lot of accessories are needed. ‘

Let’s say a pair of medium size leather made 20 pairs of shoes. If the price of each is 20 rupees, then the total price is Tk. This time the average price of animal skin is 5 rupees.

This average price is much lower than the government-bound price. The price of a medium size cow skin is expected to be at least one thousand rupees, even at government-bond prices. Seasonal leather traders in different parts of the capital complained that one-third of it was not getting the same price. They claim that they lost their capital last year. Buy leather at a nominal price. Still worried about whether you can sell them at a discounted price. Because the buyers did not say the price until 8 o’clock.

Millat Hossain, a seasonal leather trader in the Mohammadpur Navodaya Housing area, feared that the casualties would have to suffer a huge loss if the skin was not sold during the night. He told the Dhaka Times, “I am buying leather between two and a half to seven hundred. No skin was bought over seven shades. I was caught last year, this time I have no desire. But the symptoms are not working well. I have heard that many have gone to wholesalers with leather. But they are not getting the price they expect.

A large portion of the country’s main demand for leather is collected on the eid of sacrifice. The leather industry depends on the skin of the animals sacrificed all over the country. Retail and seasonal traders attribute the decline to wholesale leather traders syndicate and tannery owners syndicate.

On the other hand, the Ministry of Commerce has kept the prices of animal skin on the altar unchanged last year. According to the price fixed by the government, the price of raw leather for cattle is 1 to 5 per square foot in the capital, and 1 to 3 per square foot outside Dhaka. Khasi raw leather is priced at Tk 8 to 25 across the country and the raw skin of goat is priced at Tk 5 to 5 across the country.

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