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Chinese Ambassador to Myanmar Chen Hye said the Rohingya will not tolerate international pressure on Myanmar on the issue. Chinese Ambassador assured Army Chief Ming Aung Hlaing that Beijing will be beside Myanmar on Rohingya issue.

Recently, Chinese Ambassador to Myanmar Ming Aung Hlaing appointed Chinese Ambassador to China Chen Hui. The meeting was informed in a press release from the office of the head of the Myanmar Army.

The Chinese ambassador discussed three important issues with the army chief. First, Beijing will not tolerate international pressure on Myanmar over the Rohingya and human rights issues. Secondly, they recently condemned the violent attacks on Po and Luin, the country’s northern province of San and Mandalay. Third, China will help to find possible ways to continue the peace process and peace talks in Myanmar.

There are now eleven million Rohingya refugees in Bangladesh. On August 27, more than seven million Rohingya from Myanmar took refuge in Bangladesh as refugees. On August 22, about three and a half thousand Rohingya were planned to be returned to Myanmar. Myanmar gives Bangladesh the choice to withdraw the name of Rohingya from the three and a half thousand.

UNHCR, the UN refugee organization, met with a representative of one of the six families on the list of refugees. All of them said they did not want to return to Myanmar if the conditions were not met. Their conditions were – citizenship, security, a guarantee of return of land.

Due to their ignorance, the process of repatriation was not possible.

China-Myanmar relations

China has close ties with Myanmar. China’s interests are to protect Myanmar’s sovereignty, regional security, and internal stability. Because Myanmar’s involvement is needed to ensure the supply of gas and fuel to China.

The Malacca process in the South China Sea provides about 5 percent of China’s oil and fuel gas. China has to go through various problems because of the control of enemy countries in that process.

China’s great fear is that if they do not take the Malacca system under their control, their trade, especially fuel supply, will stop at any time. That is why they have arranged an alternative to supply their fuel through Myanmar, Pakistan, and other countries.

China has recently invested huge sums in a port called Chauthieu, off the coast of Rakhine State in Myanmar. China mainly imports oil and fuel gas from the Middle East, which is transported to the port.

For the last few years, China has set up two pipelines to supply the oil and fuel gas to China, and China has paid a lot of money to Myanmar.

The pipeline sends oil and gas to the Middle East in Kunming, the capital of China’s Yunnan province.

China is partly responsible for the Myanmar government, so as not to cause any harm to the pipeline and the fuel/gas supply should remain uninterrupted.

Therefore, as the pipeline passes through the Rakhine region. Therefore, as Rakhine state is under the control and control of the Myanmar government, it is also in China’s interest.

Moreover, China has many decades of entertainment inside Myanmar. It has been alleged that China has close ties with the military administration of Myanmar in the sixties and the party’s political government, most recently.

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