Hotline to stop harassment in NBR and Ministry of Finance

NBR and Ministry of Finance

Finance Minister AHM Mustafa Kamal has said that this year’s budget will announce a harassment-free income tax area. The NBR and the Ministry of Finance will have a 24-hour open phone number to report any complaints. If there is a complaint against anybody, there is no need for a court. Action will be taken within 7 days.

He said this while addressing the 8th meeting of the Advisory Committee of the National Board of Revenue at the Bangabandhu International Conference Center in the capital on Tuesday afternoon.

The meeting was chaired by the NBR chairman. Mosharraf Hossain Bhuiyan. Prime Minister’s Private Sector Advisor Salman F Rahman was present as the special guest.

The Finance Minister said, “From this budget, an announcement will come from harassment-free income tax area. I told the NBR chairman that you are happy to pay VAT/tax. But even a man does not have pain. So that no one comes to me with a complaint. ‘

To all those present, Mustafa Kamal said, ‘From today, none of you will bribe. Don’t bribe. How much will you eat In the morning, eat a piece of bread? I could not eat before due to a lack of money. Even now, money can not eat due to grief. So everyone should work for corruption-free. ‘

The finance minister said, “I have to take a challenge in this budget. The budget will require many reforms. Of these, most will be reforms in the customs, VAT and banking sectors. And for this reason, I am already being criticized. I can not forgive the debt players. I can’t even send them all to jail. So how do I run the economy? ‘

About the budget, he said, “The coming budget will be bigger for the relevant reasons. At the same time, an easy budget will be formulated. This year, everyone will understand the budget. I will prepare the budget with simple words and present it to Parliament. And this will be the biggest difference this year compared to other budgets. This year’s budget will declare corruption we will do no more. I will not force tax. No more money will be taken from anyone. Whoever can afford it, will pay taxes from patriotism. ‘

“The budget is not just a one-year budget,” said Mustafa Kamal. This year’s budget will be presented as the foundation of a developed country in 20 years. There will be no SRO in this budget. ”

“In the next five years, there will be no tax increase in any sector,” he said. Taxes will be reduced if needed. But tax revenue will increase. Because everyone has to pay taxes. The stronger the economy, the more taxing it will be. He who can afford less will pay less tax. In the coming budget, the income tax law will be simplified. Double taxation will be avoided. The VAT will be collected at the correct rate. ‘

For businessmen, Mustafa Kamal said, ‘I am one of you. I will give you everything I have. I will not take more than one of you. I’ll just take whatever is needed for the government. However, please do not take any dishonest way. You promise me not to indulge in import-export, do not take export incentives, do not make false declarations do not abuse bonds. You talk to me. ‘

The meeting was chaired by FBCCI President Saiful Islam Mohiuddin. The meeting was attended by the top businessmen of the country, senior officials of NBR income tax, VAT and customs.

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