The risk of dengue is increasing in lightless homes

The risk of dengue is increasing in lightless homes

Dengue carrier Aedes aegypti mosquito bites two times a day, but the home environment of the capital has created risks. Such mosquitoes can bite all day long, especially in a dark, damp house, said an anthropologist.

Many people are seeking advice on how to avoid the anxiety and panic of the country amid the horrific spread of dengue. Generally speaking, besides cleaning, mosquitoes should not be bitten for two days, it should be observed on that day.

There is a difference in lifestyle and habits of the Aedes aegypti mosquito, the carrier of the dengue, with the common Qualis mosquito. Normal mosquitoes bite at any time of the day and night, but the Aedes mosquito bites when there is soft light.

Professor of entomology at Bangladesh Agricultural University, Khandaker Shariful Islam, told DhakaTimes, “AIDS mosquitoes do not bite in the light of intense sunlight or in the dark. However, they are most dangerous when the sun rises and it is dark. Aedes mosquitoes do not like the darkness of the night. Again, intense sunshine is not a choice. ‘

However, this formula does not apply to homes in the Genji environment. In many areas of the capital, the enclosed buildings have been constructed. They do not have enough light. There is light throughout the day. This environment is quite suitable for Aedes mosquitoes. Again, low-light lights are not safe. As a result, these mosquitoes can bite all day long.

In addition, there is light under the dining table during the day. Then the AIDS mosquito can bite the person sitting still.

So what will the occupants of these houses do? – Professor of pesticides Shariful told the Dhaka Times, “In a house where there is not enough light, a few good quality lights should be used. It is possible to have a lot of protection when there is extra light. ‘

The anthropologist advised not to neglect to have two mosquitoes at this time of the dengue outbreak. “During the day, we are involved in various activities, because of the many movements, the Aedes mosquito remains stable. One cannot bite the whole blood from one person and bite others. The germs will enter the body of anyone who later bites. So even if there are a few Aedes mosquitoes in one building, many can be overcome. ‘

Professor Sharif also suggested emphasizing awareness and cleanliness rather than being afraid of mosquitoes. He said that water could not be allowed to run anywhere in the house or in the courtyard. Because, in these waters, Aedes mosquitoes are born. Again, if the garbage is not there then there should be a target on that day.

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